[Intro] I don't wanna go back, back, back Look at where I'm at, at ,at Stop living in the past Stop living in the past Stop living in the past [Verse 1] I don't wanna go back to the life that I was living (nah) Focused on the future in my brain I had a […]

Mi sono fermata al chiaro di luna Ho preso fiato da te Le stelle che al buio si urtano contro Da quello che pensi di me Ma questa sera ti vedo per caso Raccontami tutto: che cosa è cambiato Dal nostro passato Ci siamo detti amore tante volte Tanto da dimenticarci l'amore cos'era per noi […]

[Intro] Oh [Chorus] I, I can finally sing about love again I, I could see in color, I’m in love again It’s been since forever, swore I would never I’ll probably regret this, but now I, I can finally sing about love again, ooh [Verse] It’s what I been waiting for Everything I want You […]

[Chorus: Tablo & Mithra Jin] 가질 수가 없어도 (내 머릿속에서라도) 만질 수가 없어도 (그저 헛된 꿈이라도) 말할 수가 없어도 (멀리서 숨어서라도) You know I do (널 사랑한다고) 내가 누군지는 몰라도 [Verse 1: Tablo] Oh baby, don’t you know, 내 이름도 모르죠 오늘도 밤새도록 맘 졸이고 그대 바라보고 있죠 Oh so beautiful, 손에 쥔 당신의 독사진 […]

Drum roll, ideals mada no fake ideas Trinity again oo, eh, life life Bra jelilu I'm done make we go If I do something which you don't like you Have to look into my face and tell me don't be shy Because in this world nobody is under anybody it is God who provides When […]

[Verse 1] Other women try and try To kill the vibe between you & I Not the first to second guess Show ‘em, teach ‘em When they test your loyalty to me Are you loyal to me? ‘Cause [Reprise] You been through it Lord knew it, I know you Deserve more than just mediocrity Disappointment, what you used to […]

I thought it was you and me Against the world, how wrong I was It’s you and her and her and you now I don’t claim to be original In any way we’re all the same Go say the same things now I read your mails It came as some relief To know you could feel good again Still […]

Part 1: Produced by IsaacIndigo, Embasin, & Kayoh [Intro] Indigo Okay Embasin Kayoh cook it up! [Chorus] Double up, triple up Big bank, money up Who down, who up We is, what's up Pick it up, go ahead go get that Counting guap not shit, this Wall Street Brand new duffle to catch a bag […]

[Letra de “Venus”] [Intro] Ja, ja, ja Baby [Verso 1] Lo último que se pierde es la fe (La fe) Perdóname si yo te fallé (Te fallé) Entiendo tu dolor, todo será mejor Escucha, por favor, te amo (Te amo) [Coro] No quiero que te vayas, deseo que te quedes Tú eres la que amo […]

Don't wanna hurt Lying alone Feel our hearts dividing Chemicals colliding It's a blur Here on my own Feel your body sliding Though who on earth decided It's time the light go out It's time the light go out I never thought I'd find you Never thought I'd lose you Never thought you'd let me […]

And she said, “I wish I knew more about what to do with you I’ve only known you a short while” And she said, “I had no trouble tellin’ myself to give my love to you But I need to know what makes you laugh and why you cry So tell me about your every side” Well, I’m a man, I’m not an illusion […]

[Spoken Intro] [Verse 1: Bodega Bamz] Tour bus looking like a brothel Catching more bodies than Hostel Flatbush Zombies put money in my pocket If it's war against them, I'ma pop it Word like apostles Kid from the ghetto listening to heavy metal, rock rolled in my sock I ain't never been afraid, renegade got […]

(I wanna know, I wanna know) [Chorus] I wanna know, yeah I wanna know Should I hold in all this pain, should I let it go Or should I find another bitch and take her on the road Or should I hit you where it hurt and make you comfortable Let me know I wanna know, yeah I wanna […]

I crashed the scene I’m high as f*ck That’s why I’m smiling I’m so f*ckin geeked up I feel like my high is timeless Any drug I’ll try it Turnt up to the max I been drugged out for three days So there’s no tellin if I’ll crash I’m on auto pilot Popped a bean […]

[Intro/Hook] In my dark side You don't wanna look out At my dark side I just spin and flip out Yeah, no, dark side Don't like when my phone lights up My dark side [Post-Hook] 'Course I promise you I'll be safe I'll behave Unless all the colors [?] "Stop," you say So I will […]

Wir steh’n uns gegenüber Nach so viel Jahren wieder du und ich In einem Raum Damals vor vielen Jahren Als wir noch Kinder waren Teilten wir Den gleichen Traum Ich seh’ dich lächeln und dein Blick Bringt die Erinnerung zurück An’s fast vergess’ne kleine Glück Ich schau’ dich an und denk’ daran Wie alles einst […]

Thanks a lot for sharing this. I like it when you speak so passionately Wait, there must be more than this? I tend to tap out momentarily Every time I close my eyes, I marvel at the power of the mind's persuasion How can I not realise? Who am I to judge? Who am I […]

[Verse 1] It’s so dark that you cannot see I’m the demon pulling all your strings Dance, puppet dance for me I’m destroying your reality Causing madness and fatalities Oh no what an awful tragedy You’re shaking, your fainting, now just hush This is love at first bite I’m patient, I’m waiting, there’s no rush […]

You never gave up on me When I was lost You came and found me You never gave up on me Your lovin’ arms came to surround me You never gave up on me I was drowning in a troubled sea Lord, I’m so glad that You never gave up on me I thought I had my life together […]

Blev tagen ner till vårdcentralen Vad är det för fel på barnet? Mörka ringar kring ögonen Det här var rätt längesen, kring ’85 Kan bli en lång väg hem, en lång väg hem En lång väg hem, från främling till son igen Fick min ensamhet mig att kräla Min depression mig o be Min sorg […]

[Intro] See you again See you again [Verse 1] I got my sights set on you and I'm ready to aim I have a heart that will never be tamed I knew you were somethin' special When you spoke my name Now I can't wait to see you again [Verse 2] I've got a way of knowin' when somethin' is […]

[Verse 1] They hung a sign up in our town “If you live it up, you’ll never live it down” So she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a gun With her charcoal eyes and her Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Oh, the moon was gold and her […]

So you seek to destroy You got it in your hands Can you help us? Can you understand? So you are yourself So you are something Everything I’ve seen It doesn’t change a thing Sometimes it comes to times and Sometimes it’s over Sometimes I understand that Is our time over? So you seek to […]

[Verse 1] Feeling kinda low Know I’m being taken advantage of Know I’m being taken advantage of, yeah Keep doing this to myself Sitting by the phone Cause I’m pro’ly gonna get a call 1, 2, 3 up in the morning Play my heart like guitara Strumming along [Refrain] Know this ain’t what you want […]

[Verse] How could I forget how nice it is to lay around the house I haven’t had a moment to myself and the time it flies so fast [Chorus] Oh, a moment just to be in my quiet company [Verse] How could I forget how nice it is to lay around the house I haven’t […]

A young American sailor on a foreign shore There to serve his country in time of war Walks to the dock every morning and waits for the ships to come in Wishin’ he was the stamp on the letter he’s mailing home So he could soon be back in her arms again Instead of feeling like a ship in […]

Da, da, da, da, da, da Oh, please let me be Da, da, da, da, da, da Cover my eyes so I can’t see Lay down beside me Your hair forms a halo round your head Your tears they wash away my sin Wash away the sadness I bled Take me down, take me down […]

[Hook: A$AP Ferg] Heard them niggas can't eat in your bodega, huh? Down and out, now the Trap Lord is your savior, huh? Fully loaded banger, let it rip through your cranium Papis catching bodies, riding with Jose and them They carry ammunition, blaze at them Just the same old mission, light 'em up, spray […]

-Change your face And hide your evil smile But I am not like the eyeless Fall(far) from grace, I knew it all the while But I know you'll forever be lifeless -Let me go and I will run away Far from the darkness you choose You should know, I will become the beauty lost in […]

Rainy day pass away Not thinking bout the time Picking on my banjo helps me ease my troubled mind But I don't see how life could get much better off these days Good friends around, love's abound, and music to be played Good friends around, love's abound, and music to be played Summer breezes blowing Always take my cares away Songs are brewing in […]