In the flames of insanity Facts of the past Freed by the coincidence Causing disturbances The anguish came back Stop the torment The voice of the fear in my mind Never turn the light, the light of the salvation In the dark side of my eyes Committing the impatience Unlikely return Death created by an […]

Waiting for him in my mind as I unwind It’s funny I know that this show may not go down that road that I had planned Out of my hands Figured this rusted trip may not sit so well with me these days But he tells me that he’ll be with me Taking my time […]

Mis dedos quieren probar el borde De tus filamentos Y compartir un sueño Donde las mentiras Se van evaporando a ningún lugar Yeah! ¡Salta al criminal, canta y dilo ya! Mi anhelo es atraparte en una Celda de aislamiento Mientras yo desconecto Buscas la salida Piensas que estás llegando a ningún lugar Yeah! ¡Salta al […]

[Intro] Woah brrrrr La BP la BP J’t’envoie ton t-shirt direct et refait J’la bois elle retombe sur ma canette Le brolique vers toi tu vas caner J’la bois elle retombe sur ma canette Le brolique vers toi tu vas caner Fils de, ça rabat les camé J’ai toute la recharge dans la gamelle Fils […]

[Chorus: Marty] I woke up today, I was thinking I was late (I was late), yeah How you gon' learn without mistakes? (Ayy, woo) I feel like I can't go away yet (Away yet) They try to act cool, I'm just me, yeah (Me, yeah) I know I'll never be picture perfect (No) But can […]

LATAUS! Aseen perä täyttyy Uhri edessä kyyneliin nöyrtyy Kohti piippua tuoijottaa Vuoroaan rivissä odottaa LAUKAUS! Yksi mitätön luoti päähän Eloton ruumis kaatuu maahan Loppuu elämä arvoton Syleily kuoleman armoton HAUTAUS! Kylmä eloton ruumis maahan Multa hautaa harmaan naaman Ase vaihtaa suuntaa Uutta uhria huutaa Armoa anot turhaan Ei sinua pelasta kukaan! Hahmo vailla myötätuntoa Vaillä sääliä, kyyneleitä Teloitus, lopetus, […]

You can’t count down from zero (So get over it) Looking back as you fall through the basement (Should’ve taken the stairs) You look like you feel something happening Yea you look like you’re coming up with a new way to get home You broke yourself You came up short But good girls don’t get […]

If you said that you were fine, is that what you really meant I wish I could’ve been there screaming Don’t do it, it’s not worth it But there was nothing I could do to change your mind The least you could’ve done for me was sat goodbye Goodbye Why’d you have to go Why’d […]

A degree of calm Over the shoulder The whole thing will crumble Before this is over Unstably glazed And backed in a corner Love yourself first Only in that order A light touch of your palm Glassy and iced and steady Slightly more withdrawn But statuesque and heavy The integrity of A web of lies […]

They reduce me to somebody’s partner That’s something I hate Minimize all the things that you offer Like you’re scraps on a plate See you spinning around in a horrible place Where your friends aren’t your friends anymore We all have the cards, they’re just lost in our pockets We’re picking up change and the […]

Ó mar porque me chamas Às ondas do teu por vir Quem és tu que me reclamas Uma vida por cumprir Ó mudo mensageiro Da voz que só eu ouvi Aponta no nevoeiro A luz que nunca vi Minha mãe não me chores Meu pai não contes os dias Ó meu amor não demores A […]

Deep in quick sand You dive in the shallow end You break your neck and You?re never ever gonna get up again The glass house that you lived in Is deep in the quickening Angels might call by But fools they rush in Bring some peace to your mind For today is a new day […]

Shaneil Muir is hungry for success, and she is looking to reggae music’s prize, Koffee, for inspiration. The “Yamabella” singer made her appearance on TVJ’s ER with host, Anthony Miller where she answered questions about her position on her journey to success and where she desires to be. Shaneil Muir hails Koffee for her success […]

Colombian singer J. Balvin released a new single “Othra Noche Sin Ti”, a track that is a collaboration with rapper Khalid. This comes out just two weeks after he premiered “Tu Veneno”. Keep in touch with the new release here. [Otra Noche Sin Ti Letras will be soon added here]

When I get home You better not be there We’re placin’ bets you won’t Shed your modesty And the only thing to leave behind Is your own skin on the floor [Chorus:] Don’t you shy away (Ah-ah-ah) Manifest a ceiling When you shy away (Ah-ah-ah) Searchin’ for that feelin’ Just like an “I love you” […]

[Armada Music] [Chorus:] Do you wanna? Yes or no Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go? If you do, then let me know Do you wanna? Yes or no Do you wanna stay? Do you wanna go? If you do, then let me know Do you wanna? Yes or no Do you wanna? […]

feat. Wilder Remember the summers we had? All of the times we laughed? Till we cried and danced, and drank too much The stars aligned Cause we kissed and touched Can we get it back? To the way we had? I’m hoping & waiting for you, I’m steady, just patient for you You wanna go, […]

[Intro: Sunday Service Choir] Can we make just one big choir? (Yes) And you know in choirs, we gotta rock Y’all ready to rock? Let’s go [Pre-Chorus 1] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (That’s nice, sing it again) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (Tenors, sing it) That’s how He works, that’s how, the Good Lord, He works (Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh) […]

feat SZA We hug and yes, we make love And always just say “Goodnight” (Na, na, na) We cuddle, sure it don’t matter But I need your lips all night [Chorus: Doja Cat] Can you kiss me more? Where’s your love, boy, we ain’t got nothin’ to lose, oh, oh It’s just principle Baby, hold […]

La romance de Paris Charles Trenet Paroles: Charles Trenet Musique: Léo Chauliac (1942) Ils s’aimaient depuis deux jours à peine Y a parfois du bonheur dans la peine Mais depuis qu’ils étaient amoureux Leur destin n’était plus malheureux, Ils vivaient avec un rêve étrange, Et ce rêve était bleu comme les anges Leur amour était […]

Out on the beaches that hem them seven seas There comes old Lady Luck wisping by the trees Tells me a story that is heavy to my ears Said wasted time is up boy, time to face them fears Looking back on this life it didn’t mean a thing Cos all I ever had were […]

Gateun saenggageul hago isseulkka Neowa na hamkkehan sigan Uril hanaro mandeureossneunde Ajik, ajikdo moreugesseo Naega seulpeumyeon neodo seulpeulkka Naega joheumyeon neodo joheulkka Nae mameul neon alkka Nado nae mameul jal moreuneunde Hangsang ibyeolhamyeon gunggeumhaejyeo Yeope isseul ttaen kkaedatji moshago Babo gatjiman ije ara Dasi, dasi nal saranghaejwo Nawa gateun maeumiramyeon Neo doraogil baral georan geol […]

New York rapper Lil Tjay has definitely earned the respect of the masses after he declared that he would never pay $16,000 for a designer shoes. The “Calling My Phone” rapper was chilling with host Joe La Puma from Complex’s popular “Sneaker Shopping” show on Wednesday, April 7. The show gained popularity among sneakerheads through […]

Wesrok the first mainstream Country Reggae star? The voice of the Jamaican people, reggae music, which derived from its predecessors Ska and Mento, has undoubtedly gone on to have a major impact on the international scene. Singer Wesrok has visions of taking the music to another level, as he works to establish a sparse version […]

[Verse 1] I found a guy, told me I was a star He held the door held my hand in the dark And he’s perfect on paper but he’s lying to my face Does he think that I’m the kinda girl who needs to be saved [Verse 2] And there’s one more boy he’s from my past We fell […]

Que te puedo decir No te conozco aun Pero lo estoy intentando Ya lo veras Dime que prefieres Que tan lejos esta Dime si me quieres Que tan cerca estoy Caminando sobre la arena Nos cubre la obscuridad Y de fondo una Hermosa luna llena Para poderte observar Lo único que quiero Hoy y siempre […]