[Intro: Kuttem Reese] Look, we ain’t getting on no live, nigga We ain’t sending out no threats, nigga, look Who the f*ck is KuttemReese? Who the f*ck is that? (Who is that?) I’m finna show you right here I’m finna show you right here Look [Verse 1: Kuttem Reese] We ain’t sending out no texts, nigga We ain’t getting […]

[Intro] Bone Collector the plug [Verse 1: TeaMarrr] Can I give it to you like a little bit rough? If you smoking on me, then boy, hog it, just puff, puff Are you lying on me when you say you eat ass? (Hmm) Don’t you dare get me lifted, the front and back, back [Bridge: […]

[엔하이픈 “별안간” 가사] [Verse 1: Sunghoon, NI-KI] 날 가만 못 두지 막 시끄럽게 울린 알림음 고요하길 바란 세상이 All day long, all day long 요동쳐 다시 (요동쳐 다시) [Refrain: Sunoo, Jake] 자극적인 가십 주인공이 돼 난 I don’t understand, don’t understand 뜨거워 불붙은 디엠 지겨워 이런 유명세 잊어줘 조용하게 (Oh) [Pre-Chorus: Jay, Heeseung] 근데 이게 […]

[Testo di "Come Pripyat"] [Strofa 1] Questa città non è più mia, ha un cuore cyber Vedo più mutazioni di un disegnatore Marvel Temo il contagio, nella mano ho un contatore geiger Trattengo il fiato, tiratore, sniper Prendi il rap, cambia forma e non lo prendi mai (Mai) Potere all'alta moda quando prendi il mic (Mic) L'opposto di quando […]

Lazzarella, où vas-tu par là? Tu peux dès qu’on t’observe jouer les vamps sur le vieux port, chipper le rouge à lèvres de ta mère quand tu sors, bomber si l’on s’arrête ton petit chandail de laine: tu n’es pas encore prête d’égaler Sophia Loren. Ô, Lazzarella de mon cœur, tu voudrais faire du cinéma. […]

3M turning out I’m released number one Can’t believe I’ve started making music only for some fun Six digits in my phone, new releases going dumb You want some diamonds dancing, I want my diamonds to jump Jump jump jump jump jump From my neck to my watch Throw a couple Gs in these hoes, […]

Ce le place fetelor (versuri) featuring Anastasia Imi place, nu-mi place Imi place, nu-mi place Imi place, nu-mi place Imi place. Ce le place fetelor Nici ele nu stiu ce vor Cand te-astepti sa fie easy Ele trec pe modul busy Ce le place fetelor Nici ele nu stiu ce vor Cand te-astepti sa fie […]

(feat. Travis Scott) [Verse 1: Baby Keem] Freak bitch keep starin’ at the Draco Typed out loud, but promise I’ma make my days long f*ck up a bitch nigga in my bae clothes Askin’ question, all my friends are fake hoes Double up, no triple six, you’re typin’ less Used to do it nine to […]

[Verse 1] You’re gonna have to prove me wrong I don’t think that’s what you really want Do it now, you can’t think about it It’s time now you know that When you get back, you just gotta do it It’s the best time to do it You keep pushing it another night And say […]

[Intro] Mmm-mmm, mmm-mmm [Verse] They serve me the papers for this morning So I guess you've had the final say Now I can't say it caught me without warning Even still, it took my breath away I acted like a man and said I'm glad it's over That's not the way I really feel at […]

[Vers 1: Arif] Helt baklengs nå, kjører disco Bakvendt land, bumper bare Kriss Kross Jeg er en miggidi-miggidi-mac, med en mac og noen stacks som en Big Mac, we stacks for real Landa på Neptun og hang som gardiner Bare sjekk ut mitt tryne Jeg vet du vil dele din Jay og Vagine De, de […]

Hm What have you done to me I can’t eat, I cannot sleep And I’m not the same anymore, no, no I don’t know what to do? Cause all of me wants all of you Do I stand alone at the shore Now once I could turn away From everything I feel today But now […]

[Music: Knutsson/Eng/Pettersson Lyrics: Carlsson] Perfection in pain, a sensual violation I may be cheap but I do it right, of course I’m your chilinut whore, coming back for more [ref.] She said please please please, I’ll be better this time I must control my needs and deeds I’m at the end of the line [Solo] […]

When the stars come giving your smille The sky has full of the moon Mark the beginning of the night Decorate the dark without The reason… Without a a a… Question… May it bring joy To us all…. Crashing waves fills the ocean In differenses…. When you laugh and when you dance We can all […]

Sudah.. Kusudah Muak Kusudah jenuh mendengar semua bacot mu.. jauh.. Pergilah menjauh.. Jangan ganggu lagi, kehidupan ku.. No Way, want to be free from you.. Without you in my side.. Becouse no I Know How are You… Go Hell… Go Hell aja deh loo… Bawa saja semua, kebohongan mu.. Kini kita sudah tak sejalan.. Kau […]

Basically I waited for you You sent by neither a plan or car Basically I waited for you But you don’t care Out of my mind inside The sun the moon the tides Reading what I can to get something from you Out of my mind inside Basically I waited for you You sent by […]

[Chorus] Oh, I wanna trust, then I wanna fall Tell me that you'll catch me when I trust fall And I want it all, ah Tell me not to worry when I'm Blindfolded, lights broken Love it when I'm out of my mind Oh, I wanna trust, then I wanna fall, ah Are you gonna […]

[Vers 1: Arif] Du fortjener kvalitet Du fortjener bare det beste Jeg vil kjøre deg som Formel-1, gi deg hestekrefter Studerer deg, mastergrad Herregud baby du er martial art Du er fresh to death, lager mastergrad Din tid er penger som [?] Kaller meg "The One, The One" Jeg vil gå dypt med deg natten […]

[Vers 1] Hold kjeft, bitch, hold kjeft Sier det en gang til, bitch, hold kjeft Pay attention, vi har paya dues, so pay oss respect Bransje-horene f*cker seg selv, brusjan, det der er incest Jeg ser toppen av Kilimanjaro på vei opp På med min (?) head Kilimanjaro Ja, det er nå, så ikke spør […]

[Bridge – Arif] Jeg flyr kjapt inn I en ho, flyr like kjapt ut igjen Du vet hvordan det går, min sønn er på snuten din Flyr kjapt inn I en ho, flyr like kjapt ut igjen Du vet hvordan det går, min sønn er på snuten din [Vers 1 – Arif] Er på no […]

[Vers 1] Nå om da’n er ting litt off Vi behandla den som spart Vi holdt det lowkey som en OG Lav fra da O.C. skrek ut Baws Fly, albatross, alpha-male, alpha-baws Alfa Romeo in this bitch, er Di Matteo for min clique Gullkjede, gull-tenner Why excel? Gull pendet Tutankhamun, gullneger Swager de, gullfeber Er […]

[Verse 1] Haven’t always been this way I wasn’t born a renegade I felt alone, still feel afraid I stumbled through it anyway [Pre-Chorus] I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose No one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules The little that I […]

[Verse 1] Now, the wolves are knocking at my door And there ain’t nowhere to run But I’ve been down this road before Still, it ain’t no fun Each passing day is one more Than I thought I’d live to see Discrepancy is just another Way of life for me [Chorus] Tell ’em I ain’t […]

[Vers 1] Hver gang jeg baller så hører du swosh Tar opp en plate og passer til brush Kutter det opp, brenner det ned, kaller det George W. Kush Ikke tenk på det Chain gang shit, putt en lenk på det Baws over alt, putter penger på det Din stil er kjip, putt en seng […]

Lonely thoughts from a lonely mind He fights for recognition Desperate tries only increasing the pressure Falls blind unseen forever The children of today and the children of tomorrow Forced out of a life of their own We are the sinners of these days and only bringers of sorrow We’re only bringers of sorrow Unforgivable […]

[Vers 1] Babybel, Babyel Hun vil ha cheese ikke Babybel Nede i København Vi to brenner parra Kroppen alvorlig, alvorlig Hun holder det G og hun vet hva det går i Hooka på Breitling, men jeg vil ha Rollie Jeg vil ha Rolle Rollin’, we rollin’, we rollin’ Gjennom min by med min shawty We […]

[Verse 1] Hun vil stønne for hun stønner nå Spill korta dine riktig kan du bli min baby mami love Hun snakker litt spansk, sier vámonos Hun sier bare vámonos Selv om sola er på vei ned Er jeg klar når du ringer, er på vei ned Chi chi get the yayo Hun sier chi […]

A woman is accusing artist Trey Songz of hit-and-run in which she says he hit her car, leaving her suffering an injury to her hand before driving off. The woman has reported the incident to the police, which has been confirmed by police according to Celebrity news site TMZ. According to the police, what appeared […]

Ever see someone do so well that none could ever stop him? Commanding o’er the hardest swell with no force or fault to top him? well, under all and every one is hidden a woman or man. who lights and inspires some higher desires and allows him to do what he can. What power he […]