This the season now For gifts and giving all The love our hearts And dreams can afford And when I think about you The hope that youve handed out I want to give back all I have And then some more But I m only human I can only do so much But all the […]

I needed loving, needed a friend I needed something, that would be there in the end On a rough ride to heaven Want to get inside, what will I do? On a rough ride to heaven I want to get inside to be with you I knew you?d help me, I knew you could You […]

Yes, I will always remember you Yes, I will always remember you Even when the blues came rushing into your heart Yes even when the blues came rushing in You just got higher – you just got higher Yes, I will always remember you ‘Cause you were the one that never Had to lie with […]

Version girl, what’s your name? Oh you come and you go, Version girl, what’s your name? Just like the morning sun. It’s so hard to find a personality with charms Like yours for me. Oo-ee oo-ee oo-ee Version girl, what’s your name? Don’t you know I long to say. Version girl, what’s your name? It’s […]

It comes crashing in As if there’s never been anything like it I keep finding myself repeating the same mistakes I never did see the irony I’m drowning in sound It’s wearing me out I tumble and turn with no direction I fall and I fold It’s wearing me down To what this all amount […]

Everything is known There’s only clothes upon my bone My skin’s so thin that anybody can look in If he wants to see me Temptation is a game And sin, it is much the same I can’t leave my need And it’s safe to say that My need just won’t leave me Way over town […]

[Intro] (d.a. got that dope) [Chorus] Count up the bands, stickin’ out No rubber band is big enough Chain is so heavy, can’t pick it up Came with the gang, a myriad I see your whip, hilarious Where is my roof? Mysterious My whip from Fast & Furious Curtains with yellow interior I get the […]

I follow the Moskva Down to Gorky Park Listening to the wind of change An August summer night Soldiers passing by Listening to the wind of change The world closing in Did you ever think That we could be so close,like brothers The future’s in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing with the […]

Pour little raven has it lost his way Pass what she can, but she can’t seem to pray All those who loves her, just wasted away Dancing Dancing Love & surrender have all been gone Hope disappears but the memory lives on All those who loves her just wait for the dawn Dancing Dancing In […]

I walked that west side road We build our home with heart and soul Oh, no, I can’t let it go, I can’t Now you want to leave it behind Looking for something you won’t find Oh, no, this can’t be so, I can’t Chorus: If you go, if you go to Santa Rosa If […]

Lies, lies are the only thing that keeps us alive Time isn’t the one that’s on your side Chorus: Woke up one day and then tears were [?] I called your name, but no one’s listening Power down, power down Power down. Far, far in between these woods I meant You said you’re beginning, where’s […]

Is it too much, or not enough? If you win or lose it’s all the same. Chorus: Sometimes our hearts may break And we might lose our sight When candle lights burning with original sin We can never ever ever give in Sometimes our hearts may break And we might lose our sight But we’ll […]

Some people run Some people cry Some people don’t even Move at all Some roads lead home Some roads lead back Some roads are barring white [?] in filthy black Chorus: Time, oh time Where do you go? Time, oh good good time Where did you go? Some people [?] Some never can Some people […]

You feel it but you never give it to me You steal love when you’re looking right through me The last at keeps on looking at the door I wait and wait, but I can’t wait out anymore. Chorus: Blind love, show me your soul If you’ve been lying to me I’ve got to know […]

It’s another night Has the queen lost her sight? If she hesitates, she contemplates She says it’s lame and that the future’s looking bright Chorus: But it’s alright to keep me waiting Is alright to make me hold out so long Yeah, it’s alright to keep me waiting In the shadow of our swan song […]

Dancehall artistes and other members of the Jamaican entertainment industry are reacting to the scandal engulfing Jamaica’s Agriculture Minister Floyd Green, who was caught on video guffawing and toasting to a No Movement day cheers. Jamaica’s population was locked in their homes and not allowed to leave per the Prime Minister’s Andrew Holness’ directive as […]

Konshens says collaborating with Cardi B taught him something important as an artiste. Since 2005 Konshens has been churning out the hits. He built a significant fanbase in Japan before becoming a household name in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. Even as his career kept rising in 2017, he recalls learning an invaluable lesson from […]

Dutch professional football club Ajax FC was forced to make changes to their kit homaging reggae legend Bob Marley. The Union of European Football Associations-UEFA has banned the Bob Marley inspired Ajax Football Club jersey, which featured three little birds at the base of the collar. The feature was added to the club’s jersey as […]

Charlamagne Tha God went in full Nicki Minaj defense mode amid her spat with Joy Reid. The Breakfast Club might not be the biggest fans of Nicki Minaj, but it seems now they are taking Nicki Minaj’s side as Twitter goes alight following Minaj’s tweets that she’s unvaccinated and has vaccination hesitancy. On Tuesday, Charlamagne […]

[Intro] To be more than a conqueror You have to learn to enjoy the pain If you want to survive the game [Verse 1: John Cooper & Jen Ledger] You can try to defeat me (Defeat me) You don’t know it’s the pain that’ll feed me (Feed me) And I’m gonna take back what you […]

[Chorus] I’ve seen a lot of change Been through a lot of pain Some things are not the same As they were a year ago But all will be ok I move on each and every day The past is where it stays Way back a year ago [Verse 1] I’ve changed for the better […]

[Chorus] No red light or dark night can stop me No wall, no matter how tall can block me [Verse 1] Well, the sun is out and the family’s good And we’re living life like we always knew we could, it’s lovely I took a little time out just to meditate and my spirit said, […]

[Intro] (Tell me you love me) Brrr (Cxb, know he go crazy) Brrr, brrr (Tell me you love me) Uh-oh I got the engine, and I’m on some man shit I thought that that was some man shit I thought that that was the way that you said, that was from my understanding Aw, yeah […]

[Hook] Ask anyone of my people I’ve got expensive taste I want it legit or illegal Just know that I’m getting paid And I want a car that’s German But I want a girl from Spain And I know I can’t go broke I’ve got expensive taste [Verse 1] So if it’s expensive Then i’ll […]

[Verse 1] Fresh white flowers and a new tea light Nine cups of water, still water Soon I’ll see your face Don’t know why I ever thought you were far away I should’ve known better [Pre-Chorus] If I set a flame and I call your name I’ll fix you a plate, we can go to […]

Father forgive me, for you know that I’m always sinning I take no interest partying with liquor, fucking up my system Excuse my language that’s a hang up on how shitty I been feeling I’m sorry I feel no attraction, I know that it’s been a minute I said [Chorus: XXXTENTACION & Alana] Stab sorry […]