You can sit back and say They’re enough to do this job You can believe the world Is taking care of you, But when the roads you run Turn narrow and cold, You must follow them alone. I’ve heard so many words Telling me what to do All the help from friends Teaching me what […]

Blow out the candle Lay down on our bed beside me Dream of a new life away from here Out of all these hells A little bit more Just the last effort Then we can reach out for the green Tuscan shore. Goodbye Orange Rooms goodbye “La Rotonde”, les boulevards, Aurevoir Goodbye Paris goodbye Bittersweet, […]

Five O’clock, Friday night, I don’t wanna stay, in tonight I gotta get away from the same routine, I gotta get away, from the same old Scene And I need to find you there, wash the shit right outta my hair I need somebody to take away my despair So I’m at this club, and […]

First Verse Satellite il dating sender mend kadhal kondu boomi sutri varuvom Moonlight il dinner sendru star rai candle aaki amuirtham pagirunthu Kolvoma Kepler planet sendru antha coffee shop il naam mocha arunthalaama Neptunes il flight edupoma Antha eiffel tower paarpoma Second Verse Satellite il dating sellalam Aana bill neethan kattanum Moonlight il dinner venuma […]

Winter night, walkin down streets The town gives nothing new to see My body’s cold, my hopes are frozen I want you to be here by me I don’t know what to do I’m losin this fight without you I knew it from the start I’m givin you my heart Can we try, can we […]

I’m so confused I know I heard you loud and clear So, I followed through Somehow I ended up here I don’t want to think I may never understand That my broken heart is part of your plan When I try to pray All I’ve got is hurt and these four words Chorus: Thy Will […]

Senin için yaptığım onca şeyden sonra Hiç mi görmedin beni hiç mi sormadın ona buna Umurunda mıyım bari bir haber yolla Ağırdan mı alalım istiyorsun bence okey uyar bana Al seninim al yanına sımsıcak kollarına Gitmeyeceksin gibi sanki dursun dünya Yakını görmedim açık hadi uzakta durma durma Geçen günlere yazık üzülürsün sonra Follow me follow […]

Prendí la luz en el Renaissance Hotel Baje las escaleras, por cigarrillos Pensé en ese estruendoso amor Y en los jardines perdidos El viento sopla en un cliché Por la puerta en un azul de frio Qué inútil resultó pensar Que yo pudiera darte abrigo Quiebra la voz Y en la quietud aflora Queda en […]

There was a motive There was a motive behind I was the target But I won’t be victimised Even tough I wasn’t game, Shoulda told me anyway Even if I disagree Stabbing only makes us bleed CHORUS But you got caught, you got caught I won’t take any more, oh You wanna play like that […]

You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good (heartbreaker) I said if you leave me I’m a go crazy You got the power You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good, h-heart-heartbreaker I said if you leave me I’m a go crazy You got the power You’re no good, heartbreaker You’re no good, h-heart-heartbreaker I said if […]

Love is a little thing. A bird on silver wings. Tiny flower, early May, Growing stronger every day. So please, please, please don’t back away, When everything seems dark, hmmm. You. I’m a love divice. Girl, with smiling eyes. You were always on my Mind, a precious love, so hard to find. And you, you […]

Oh I’ve been sleeping through my tears Was I awake through all those years? In love with an asshole Ignoring what I’m told Blow to the mind for the beat of his heart Trying to find someone who knows Why I withstand those aching blows In love with an asshole Ignoring what I’m told Blow […]

Oh, oh oh oh, oh oh o-oh [x4] (open the door) Friday morning on the train I got my black suit on my office pumps again Work is such a bitch she wants it yesterday Nobody hears a word I say (say, say) Can’t wait for the time When I can shed my skin You […]

Shake, shake, quiver, quiver Been awaken By a cold shiver Winds blows and change, change Sweet rushing through my veins Good Lord, I just might die Overtaken by the high tide Feel the rain against my skin Drown my soul in the water again Move on me Move on me I think you outta make […]

Raices de un mundo que sabe a placer Capitablismo infunde un destino de sed Somos enemigos no sabemos ni porque Hay muerte por controlar el objeto de poder Al nacer siento ser un extraño ser Alguien que no entiende Un latido causando miseria Al nacer tu imagen desnuda a cada ser Somos enemigos De un […]

We tried to walk for endless miles, we stumbled and we fell, and then we Picked each other up We’re heading for the cliffs, together we can jump, at least you said so Fueled by hunger and by lust We would burn until we turn into dust, Forever and a day, forever and a day! […]

This is gonna feel real good, alright? Most dope Everybody please put a thumb in the air 1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy-ass kids come and knock up on your door so Let em in, let em in, let em in (hey) 1, 2, 3, 4 some crazy-ass kids come and knock up on your […]

Some words are better left unsung in the past When you stole the fire from my eyes and made the journey home Don’t you remember in the sands? If I could make a wish I would do it all over again I believe in the summer Precious tales of woe Picture you in a seaside […]

One way to find out Run away and you’ll find out In my head Uphold, what I had I sold Only way for me to stop running is in one inside soul But hang on As they do in the divine Well hang on What was that? It was a, It was the feeling I […]

Oyy! Lumaban si papa, matapang Oyy! Lumaban si papa, matapang AWW! Laban-laban o bawi-bawi Laban-laban o bawi-bawi Papa di ba labs na labs kita Sayang sige baka magsisi ka Macho gwapo marami dyang iba Mapera galante may expedition ka REFRAIN 1: Si Bossing, feel ko may gusto siya sa akin Si Anjo Yllana, mukhang may […]

Woke up this morning I was laid out flat on the dark side With the moon and the room on the wrong side I took a needle, sewn myself right back at the seams I saw my universal gleam I see the wonder of life and look for the wall Just taking a walk in […]

A heart of ice, a sacrifice you made I’m paralysed trying to escape Can’t find all the words I need to say ‘Cause you got in my way and now it’s too late You’ve broken me down I’ve been waiting alone in the pouring rain for ya Don’t you want me now? ‘Cause you’re burning […]

I’m not gonna climb A ladder for the rest of my life You said that and stood back And you walked away before they could react Hearing catcalls from police cars And they say “what you gonna do about it Dressed the way you are?” That’s a very common line They say you’re asking for […]

I heard you cry out next to me “What are you talking about?” I feel that I can’t explain it And I’d only water it down. I feel that nobody gets me. It’s like I’m somebody else Who’s not even from this planet While you’re just stuck here in this house. They say ill find […]

(Oye por fin se entendió! – One! One way! – Rio de Janeiro!) A Rio a Rio hoy juega Rio A Rio a Rio hoy gana Rio Los cinco continentes sienten el sol de Rio Bandera blanca ya sin desafió Siente el latido desde el nido de una quimera Su grito repite hoy nace una […]

¿Qué le va a pasar a la muñeca de trapo? ¿Quién le va a coser sus zapatitos de harapos? Un castillo de dulces y confites arma, Sobre el arenero triste de una plaza. Con cuidado las colillas de cigarro aparta Y un sorbete usa de banderín. Le hicieron ver la vida de golpe, Y por […]

¿Los temblores algún día se irán? Siento desmayarme y no siento nada más. Quedo suspendido en un vacío y miro Como un niño atrás de un vidrio en una tempestad. Cargo con la culpa de mis actos, siendo franco, Nunca son exactos para mí. Muerdo el vidrio y mil astillas, son pastillas Diazepam. Mi cabeza […]

[Verse 1:] Tell me what’s the deal Sh*t is getting real I know girls like you but real sh*t I like you for real I done seen too many n*ggas Walking through and passing by Something about you tells me You ain’t just another guy I heard about your past Man you cannot trust a […]

Some kids have and some kids don’t And some of us are wondering why And Mom won’t watch the news at night There’s too much stuff that’s making her cry We need some help Down here on Earth A thousand prayers, a million words But one voice was heard A house, a yard, a neighborhood […]

[VERSE 1] I ask you this, Now you’re grown, Do you really wanna walk out on your own? There’s hurting and bleeding out there, And a million other reasons to be sacred. I’m not tryin’a make you worried, No, But it can be unfair. [HOOK] Go home little girl, A lone little girl. [CHORUS] Oh, […]