[Testo di "La tua ora" ft. CoCo] [Ritornello: IZI] Sto crescendo veloce Ora ho voglia di prendere ciò che mi spetta ed è mio Se mi fumo una croce raccolgo la cenere E so che è la testa di Dio Io non parlo per sentito dire Tu se rappi è perché senti rime da me […]

Friday night and everything's right on the weekend Crazy clothes and anything goes on the weekend John called Ann and Jim got Sue I made a date with a-little old you Off we went to make a big date on the weekend Boy it's great just a-staying out late on the weekend Nothin'll spoil it, like it or not […]

[Verse 1] We're on our backs in the cool grass Outside the airpark Watch the planes take off and land And you kiss the freckle on the back of my hand You're a white shirt, I'm a short skirt Sometime in August Elton John in a neighbor's yard Drinking whiskey out of old jam jars […]

, Dwanzi, Nimeshafika featured by Mikasi, Looser featuring Muna party etc. With the support of Mamboleo Mshairi, Leteipa the King has been able to produce his first Music Video titled Ndoto ya mchana Update this biography » Year: 2021 10 Views Struggling with Kizero? Become a better singer in 30 days with these videos! VERSE […]

[Verse 1] I don’t why it does but it sure do, don’t it, honey? Bein’ in love with you is as easy as spendin’ money Keep me higher than the fog, it’s a-hidin’ my copper line-ups Yeah, there ain’t no landing gear on this big jetliner [Chorus] Benedictine baby Chartreuse snake old lady Appalachia moonshine […]

Part 1 Yoni…Yoni… Where are you? Yoni… She flies out of the sky With a great swoosh of wings And a flapping of feathers swirling by Dissolving dream destroyers Who stamp like mice in jackboots On imaginative schemes But dreams come through Like lighted train windows In the night And the wind whirling in the […]

Stare into space That ain’t the place You’ve got the eyes to see me Reach for the sky I’m not that high You’ve got the hands to feel me Now it’s the time To lay down the line Sniffin’ around for money You’re in the wrong race A waste of space Things that you do […]

INTRO: (Unanikomesha) Uhhhhhh (Unanikomesha) (Unanikomesha) Ni vampK (Unanikomesha) 254 (Big Daddy) VERSE 1 Ukidunga kamini Gunia Gauni ama Dera ,Bado we ni mashini.. Sijui nikwanini, Nikikuona nahisi nginyera inakata maini.. Wanashangaa ati Niko Boring na hauendagi kwao Wanasambaza nyori na hatukulagi kwao Bila chapaa hatuna ngori fiti zaidi yao Hata tukiwa na njaa tunala story […]

Told me that you were lonely Told me that you would phone me Told me that i shouldn’t wait up tonight You were lonely but not alone Said you'( d) phone me when you reach home Tell your boyfriend you’re gonna set things right I only wanted someone that I could share And now it’s […]

[Verse 1] She's caviar and mascara I'm corduroy and leather It'd take one hell of an imagination To ever paint us together [Verse 2] Places I like to haunt at She wouldn't be caught dead Don't make sense to the neighbors, don't look good on paper And sure don't make sense in my head [Chorus] […]

Turn on information energy Information line You know you can see that the future Currency is time Lafta yo-ga-ga information: It’s only rap’n’soul I mirror you-you mirror me Into infinity I mirror you-you mirror me Into infinity You mirror me I mirror you Into infinity Don’t lose con- -trol don’t lose Con-trol don’t Don’t Con-trol […]

[Testo di “Per tutti quelli che”] [Intro] Sick Luke Sick Luke [Strofa] Per tutti quelli che vanno giù Per tutti quelli che che fanno su Per tutti quelli che vanno giù in piazza A vedere quegli altri che fanno su Per tutti quelli che viaggiano Per tutti quelli che piangono Per tutti quelli che il […]

Skillibeng teases his upcoming “Crocodile Teeth” Freestyle with Nicki Minaj. Ever since emerging on the scene, Skillibeng has shown all the qualities of becoming a master of the dancehall genre. He’s managed to cop some impressive collaborations along the way, including top dancehall acts like Dre Island, Tommy Lee Sparta, and dancehall superstar Popcaan. Now […]

Pop Smoke’s murder case preliminary hearing reveals gruesome details of the New York rapper’s murder last year. It has been over a year since rapper Pop Smoke was murdered, but the public is just now discovering new details surrounding the home invasion that ended his life.  On Thursday, May 6th, a preliminary hearing was held […]

Sometimes I wonder if you were here If heaven and earth would disappear Never a time I lost your face I’ll never sign off without a trace There can be no answer In the half light harbour Til’ the seasons come Follow the language to the sound Of crumbling walls and dusty ground Don’t make […]

[Verse 1] My pockets were empty, I had nothing to give I was Your enemy, You called me Your friend Why do I find myself trying to earn it? You gave it all when I didn't deserve it [Pre-Chorus] Who am I to question why? You said it was worth it [Chorus] I found life when You laid Yours […]

[Intro: Mund de Carlo] Mund de Carlo, Lyrical De Miracle S-T-R-U-G-L-A-Z kom ud af det blå Ét ord er nok, mine damer og herrer Sommerstemning, der er bier i luften Lad være at tænk på jeres allergi Lad jeres astmasprays være derhjemme f*ck støv, f*ck blomsterstøv Det’ grill, det’ bøf, det’ ketchup, det’ hiphop, reggae [Vers 1: Mund de […]

[Verse 1] Rattlesnake said to the copperhead "You give us vipers a real bad name" You prey on the weakest, fight for no reason No wonder we get blamed" Copperhead laughed, said, "Kiss my ass! You can bark but there ain't much bite You rattle that tail, but it's fear I smell I think you're […]

Witch Yoni looping round the moon Tripping to Mars Drifting on the red world Walking the dog…star Talking galactic acrobat Ah here’s a huge blue balloon… Its Zero! Floating Zero comes to rest At Yoni’s place on Mars She sorts the DNA up there Looking for the perfect mix Zero shines in the light of […]

[Letra de “A No Llorar”] [Intro] Ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah Ah-ah-ah (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh) Ah-ah-ah (Oh-oh-oh) [Verso 1] Mi corazón se enfrenta, no va llevando la cuenta Como un boxeador yo comprendo que el nocaut es parte de cada pelea Me levanto desde las cenizas, como el ave fénix que brilla Mis cicatrices las llevo por fuera, pues […]

[Verse 1] If it’s too far away, then it can’t have existed Too much to say, and it’s too hard to listen to A story of a few sent down their own paths Went through a whole lot but tried to hide away the past When the memories we made came up for air Had […]

[Vers 1] Skubber albuen længere frem Alt skal skilles ad før de fatter hvordan det hænger sammen Parat, start, sæt i gang Dem der kun kan lægge en arm når de tømmer deres endetarm Så endte fællesskabets bjældeklang Et tætpakket fest program fyldes op med fællessang Som et værtshus for dværge når de sænker baren […]

[Verse 1] My daddy had a Pontiac on the beige-er side of yellow He was a young man then and I was a little fella I’d play in that bench back seat and listen to the songs get sung He couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but he’d sing at the top of his […]

Behind the mask of the dictator I know there is a damaged man Inside the man there is a frightened little boy With scary toys That somebody will make a deal with On either side there is resistance To the thought of change Eventually there is a moment When one by one the zen machine […]

[Intro] Ayy I try my hardest to keep back the pain, it just came my way I gotta get back what I lost (Home run for Sosa) Ayy, yeah [Pre-Chorus] You done spent fifty with the plug on the box, ain’t that no way to pay the bills You done gambled all your money, super […]

[Verse 1] Haven’t always been this way I wasn’t born a renegade I felt alone, still feel afraid I stumbled through it anyway [Pre-Chorus] I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose No one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules The little that I […]

[Intro] Cxb know he go crazy SephGotTheWaves Ayy [Refrain] I done fucked all them hoes that you see on TV That shit right there don’t amaze me Jump in the Rolls truck, then I do the dash to the three I hope the police don’t chase me Only dope Little Timmy gon’ roll up is […]

[Verse 1] I used to smile at every star and thank the sky Now I look up to all the duds and wonder why I feel like all of them are gone Can’t feel a single one [Verse 2] And so I stretch my eyes across the land and sea I know I loved the world, but now it’s flat to me Oh, tell […]