[Intro: Marc E. Bassy] I don’t wanna be a part-time lover I don’t wanna make you wonder where I’ve been I don’t wanna get myself in trouble, out there fuckin’ ‘round with these hoes again I don’t wanna make you feel insecure, baby Wanna be yours, baby Something ’bout you got me feeling more mature […]

The producer! Vaily ankh naal dabe je ni paye Soot billo saah vi dinne aa Aivein jatt na nefe ch nappi firda ni Mauke te chala vi dinne aa Ajj tak kade pehal vich maare ni Ajj tak kade pehal vich maare ni Haan sachi samjhaye bade ne Ho kalle vaal ni vadhaye jaane meriye […]

Teekay music! Haan.. Ho kaali kaali gaddi leke dich kare yaar nu Tu chitte chitte coke ji sniff kare yaar nu Teaser pyaar de ch ditta jatt maar tu Na rokda ni pyaar nu te kitte ikraar nu Ho age ujh utthon kade guess karo banda na Shauk nu ne asle koi negative dhanda na […]

Written by ricky & marty wilde Suddenly there’s a shadow on a nation Suddenly it’s a changing situation Fear is on the face of every tiger as the jungle grows Suddenly people running never walking Nobody wants to know, nobody’s talking But rushing through the air I feel the wind of change about to blow […]

Now all that’s left is my identity, All the lies I spread now start to grow. And I know that I have sinned many times before, But I do what is best for me. I don’t want to do this but I still do the same(the same) I am guilty for what I’ve done I […]

[Huey:] (Whaddup Lil Mama) [MeMpHiTz:] (Hitz Committee Partna) She don’t know She don’t know [Huey:] (She can’t know about me for real) Juelz Santana: (Santana) [Huey:] (You got to know man) [Huey:] (Strictly Business right here ya digg) She don’t know She don’t know (got that PaYow) [Chorus:] I got that PaYow baby (I got […]

Slice Open The Whores Neck Invoke The Blood Bathe In The Warm Red Invert Her Virgin Soul Her Soul Was Once Pure Now She Is But A Whore She Is Now Possessed In The Grip Of Darkness Invert The Virgin(X3)…Invert She Lies Dead On The Altar The Incubus Licks Her Flesh As We Start The […]

And I greet you from the other side Of sorrow and despair With that love so vast and shattered It will reach you everywhere And I sing this for the captain Whose ship has not been built For the mother in confusion Her cradle still unfilled For the heart with no companion For the soul […]

It’s the season of co-parenting drama, as Safaree joins Summer Walker and London on da Track, who both took to social media recently to vent about parenting dramas. Safaree Samuels has seemingly gotten fed up with his deadbeat dad narrative, and he took to the Twitter streets to let out his frustrations. In his tweets, […]

Polo G fulfilled his childhood dream of buying his grandmother a house, considering he already bought his mother a mansion. Polo G is helping his family one at a time as they become homeowners and having their own property. On Friday (September 10), the 22-year-old rapper shared that he purchased his grandmother’s home for herself. […]

Pop Smoke’s gravesite was badly vandalized and it’s quite upsetting for his family and fans The late rapper’s final resting place has reportedly been vandalized by unknown persons who also seemed to have tried to get into the casket holding the late rapper’s body. According to news reports, Pop Smoke‘s body is laid at a […]

The release date for NBA YoungBoy’s new album, “Sincerely, Kentrell,” was revealed in his new “Life Support” visual. On (Friday) August 10, DJ Akademiks took to his Instagram to announce the release date for NBA YoungBoy‘s new album, “Sincerely, Kentrell”. Upon the announcement, fans were shocked and hesitant to believe the sudden news. The post […]

[Verse 1] Fill your hands with grains of sand In the rocks you’ll see the clocks Of times that pass The good, the bad Your life’s a life you’ll wish you had Thought I could hunt I could be brave Nothing to save you, nothing to save The good, the bad The times you’ve had […]

[Verse 1: I.M, Hyungwon] Holding my breath and then I count to ten Onto the next, that’s what my mother said All of my friends, they never liked you But they never knew you like I do [Chorus: Kihyun, Joohoney, All, & Shownu] They say hindsight’s 20/20 Maybe I’ll, maybe I’ll see you one day […]

[Intro] Oh, yeah [Verse 1] In the dying moments You can look to the distance And you won’t miss us We’re coming to resist them And when there’s nothing gonna be left Oh, yeah But a single breath and a sea of death We’re gonna stand and defy them [Pre-Chorus] So come meet us in […]

[Verse 1] To calm down the endless fire To bring forth the ages To be left with no pain You’ll see your vision die And give your body to the fire It’s true that you were born to die [Chorus] So go and set your spirit free Let the lifeless clear the way For we […]

[Intro] Oh, oh [Verse] Dark clouds move closer Burnt with the deepest red (Oh) Beneath them we look on When they part comes the hatred they bring, mm [Pre-Chorus] Lost in the dark, we’ve come so far Another step to rid the pain Go and be counted ’til your last day ‘Cause only nightmares break […]

[Intro] Baow, baow, come on Free the guys, everyone, you get me? (Bluuwuu) Brr, you know the vibes He di-did it, he di-did it, he di-did it, he di-did it, doing it (Haha) Yo, free the guys, you get me? Rollin’ (Rollin’) [Chorus] I feel like I’m Double Tap in 2k17 (Bap) The difference is […]

[Intro] Free Bronson, Free Bronson Hope soon you get let go The fed’s caught him with the bricks like Lego Reng Tehng [Chrous] Ayo, that’s how it gets in the ghetto (In the ghetto) All this smoke that we let go They thought we had the cancer like Geko Bullet’s flyin’ in the air like […]

[Verse 1] Awakened in ruins to the echoes of pain Vi sørger, vi sørger Cold and empty, lifeless remains Vi sørger, vi sørger Fields of the fallen And blood washed in rain This cannot be it This cannot be all that will be [Pre-Chorus] So you have torn this world apart You came for our […]

Foolish creatures Impeding progress against the order No more Destroy and raze Leave none alive This suffering will be your fate We’ll bring an all-out slaughter Annihilate Eliminate The ones who pushed us farther Those ravenous savages Primitive, those beasts Inviting this Bringing this Ending that they seek Down to the last one, show them […]

Uuh uh, uuh uh First time, how do you feel? Little bit strange to little unreal That first time, you’re far from home, Finally out there on your own And it’s your time for making it happen It’s your time, and it’s gonna happen your way Every step you take from now on, Be taken […]

The word I’ve heard is you’re a real heartbreaker It’s a matter of time ’til I get burned Well that might be right ‘Cause when I’m holdin’ you tight I feel your temperature rise I see right through your disguise I found what I want and now I won’t give up I’m goin’ down, I’m […]

Calling all dogs, calling all dogs Be on the look out for a big homo nigga with dimples And I’ma let y’all know somethin’, it ain’t just start here We’ve been preyin’ on that ass since ‘Jack the Ripper’ And now its time to rip it to the jacker (ahhhhhhhhhhh …) [Verse 1:] No rapper […]

There are roads that take you everywhere, but where you need to go, There are roads that don’t go anywhere, and one that leads you home. The way is rough and steep; it is the path to the One I seek, And I must go on. Shad-din-nah, shad-din-nah, shad-din-nah-yah, His love is everlasting, and His […]

Sippin’ tea Let the rivers pass me by These dusty tears Need no place to cry I need no reason for the first time in my life I just need to be on my way I don’t want for anything that I don’t have All I want is waiting for me there For me there […]

[Intro] Yeah [Chorus] Wanna know what it’s like (Like) Baby, show me what it’s like (Like) I don’t really got no type (Type) I just wanna f*ck all night (Oh) Yeah-yeah, oh-woah-woah (Prr, mmh) Baby, I need to kno-ow, mmm (Need to know) I just been fantasizin’ (Size) And we got a lotta time (Time) […]