End of the Attention Span Foot apart Must be contagious Oh so close but something divides us That’s us We’re lost within our screens We want to stop Move on to the next thing Feeling trapped and the cavity’s growing That’s our starvation for routine Concentration oh please That’s just an overrated inflated commodity Power’s […]

[Matt Martino] I don’t think I hear your name enough You can be here right now with the lights off Baby come thru right now get turned out You got what I need You make me believe When I’m with you, so high I’m all in the clouds Got your name all in my mouth […]

Floating in a spacecraft While I analyze a big graph And someone's saying something mean in the distance But in my spacecraft I don't listen Judgmental girl named Janet (Janet, Janet) So much smaller than the planets (Planets, planets) Stars have been here for millennia So much longer than America Maybe I'm lightyears away Maybe I'll fly lightyears away […]

I can't forgive myself You said you don’t need help I'm sorry, I'm sorry (yeah) But I just need your smile Won’t you stay for a while I'm sorry, I'm sorry I can't count the days That you helped with my pain I'm sorry, I love you And I can't believe myself It makes my […]

[Verse: OMB Peezy & Yhung T.O.] Let me talk my shit Look at my neck, then look at my wrist Just another nigga from the hood that got rich With the shit, baby keep Chanel bag with the stick Racks, f*ck I can’t even count it I made it, got em thinking why the f*ck […]

[Strofa 1] Ah, ero a un passo dall'essere grande Che poi un passo può esser gigante "Forza, forza" mi dicono quelli che ho accanto Lei, è un fiore che illumina marzo Ho sempre scritto per qualcosa di forte Il vento porta via con se le mie carte, facce stanche Se potessi perderesti ma senza pretesti […]

[Verse 1] Oi, pass us the bug spray, would ya? I'm gettin' sick of bein' eaten alive And chuck another beer over, could ya? Pretty sure I've only had about five A pretty nice arvo though, ay? And mate, what a view Had a belter of a day I'm pretty good, how about you? [Pre-Chorus] […]

The road can be a hard place Many come and go It’s so hard to leave When it’s all you know I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet I ain’t done yet I don’t want no regrets I ain’t done yet Those bright lights that shine Always gives a thrill […]

We have all we need, just need a little juice. Make it cough make it go, the rust is coming loose. Electricity–a rope, a kite, a key. It struck and it brought enough to bring it live. Made it go, there's no way, to control, we got carried away in crowds, and on floats with […]

[Verse 1] They tried to lock me in the darkness, and throw away the key But there’s something deep inside me, that the blind can’t see But I don’t care what they think, they can’t define me The only thing that matters is I’ve been set free, yeah, I’ve been set free [Chorus] You can put me in a […]

[Intro] Damn damn damn…ok…got some competition Ya ya ya ya What the f*ck is this? [Verse 1: Matt Martino] L pick you up in my jeep (i been waiting) Mickey called me dropping EPs They don’t call me up  Less' they want me for.. Somethin new bae. Something new bae  But I’m on my own […]

Finally I’ve bent my spoon with my mind It’s about time Measurements and time commitments Both got nothing on me All instructions are unwritten All deductions illegitimate Doesn’t matter what you call matter This spoon is not matter My mind is not matter My brain is made of nothing but stars and Saturn My mind is made of everything […]

[Verse 1: Tommy Ice] I don't know where the time goes When i'm with you My eyes close I keep my eyes closed When i'm with you cause i'm dreaming You're my dream girl 'cause i'm dreaming You're my dream girl I don't know where the time goes When i'm with you My eyes close […]

È rimasto il tuo profumo in questa casa che ora è triste Sopra il pianoforte ho messo le tue foto già riviste È rimasta la collana che ti avevo regalato Per quella corsa verso il mare sono ancora affaticato Io che perdo già in partenza mentre parlo nei tuoi occhi Tu sorridi e non ci […]

[Chorus] Look, all of that woofin’ like you ’bout that shit Better stop that shit Bitch I got something to make you lay down Murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, going through a nigga mind When I’m loadin’ up them K rounds And we gon’ ride through that p*ssy nigga block One of these nights and […]

Fooled by your fallaciousness and your ingenuous mind Inflatable thoughts bursting by just one touch Left in a dream with your growing shit Greed, covetousness all that’s in your filthy mind Your corporation, my suffocation Left in a dream with your growing shit

My love walks bye [?] Lillies in her hand And roses in her heart And the silver leaf upon Her shining brow [Purposely Unintelligible] — texture of feeling flow Take care, take care, my love The way to the castle is dark and long And don't stop at stranger's door Don't hark to witch's lure […]

Yah, Buju Banton alongside Rancid, yeah Taking a walk along the reggae boulevard Oh yeahh Where the sun always shine Beauty the best you can find People say warm good feelings Come on lets go stop wasting time Where reggae music take on that mystical fawn Tropical sunrise before day dawn Everyone should have such […]

Meet me in the dark behind the movie theatre You don’t really need her, funny how she looks just like me And I feel it when you text me every time you’re drinking I know what you’re thinking If you wanna put your hands on me My name’s on your collar bone painted in red […]

[Chorus] If I get low low low When I get high I’mma say hello Give me some space for awhile I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to smile I may not answer, but I still care So if I get low low low When I get high I’mma say hello But Lee M’Alone […]

Pull down the shades, close the door The past is over, won’t be back no more The memories, they’ll fade in time Like the old bells that used to chime The future is gone Time’s moved on It’s all gone wrong It’s all gone wrong Now my wheels [?], they’re turning slow This train I’m […]

[Intro] Badazz, Boosie Badazz, Badazz [Hook] The streets need me (me, me, me), but all the real nigguhs like me, they gon’ get lost with these other bullshit ass motherf*ckers, for real The streets need me (me, me, me) I got y’all, I got the nigguhs in the pen, I got the nigguhs on the […]

Look around, around the stage just to say that you couldn't and You touch down you hit the ground just the way that you shouldn't and Would you see or would you say you came around that Saturday Round the way just to say, just to say that you couldn't And it's so good to […]

[Verse 1] Unstoppable, my love for you is simply irresistible You came to me, a rainy cold November night, you came to me I felt it in a heartbeat, only time will tell Will we be together, will it be now and forever? [Chorus] There is something in your eyes, something in your smile Just […]

Catch me as I fly Passing by at night Watch me as I go, outside It's another world When the moon is high And the walking keeps Me breathing Sleepless I shouldn't be here Sleepless Twenty-four hours of searching Down the narrow streeets I can feel the breeze Going small and tired, like me Drink […]

I’m Whatever’s opposite of proud I’m either drunk or blowing on the loud My body never fit into the crowd As soon as you come in, im walking out Ouch My stomachs growling I might gain 1000 pounds Have to hear the thunder cloud I’m fat and f*cking ugly now My heart is out of […]

[Songtext zu „Biene“] [Intro] Jaja, Biene, Biene Broken, [?] Ah-ah-ah, Biene, Biene Broken, broken, Biene, Biene [?] [Hook] Sie sehen, was ich mache und sie hassen es Es gibt Menschen, mit den'n ich mich nicht vertragen werd' Er sucht seine Freundin, sie ist grade weg Diese Drogen sind nicht gut, ich weiß, sie hab'n recht […]

[Chorus] I feel haunted, I feel haunted Like you don’t want me to move on, babe ‘Cause I keep thinkin’ about you too much, it’s unbearable Yeah I feel haunted, I feel haunted [Verse 1] Bet you get a kick outta lookin’ at me now Not in the same place you left me I don’t […]

[Verse 1] Spilling wine on the carpet In your Melrose apartment Caught up in the emotion Go back just for a moment Making out on your sofa Bought yourself a Toyota Falling with our eyes open Feel it just for a moment [Pre-Chorus] Lately I been looking back debating If we made it complicated Or if this is just life Life Lately I’ve been […]