[Verse 1: Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill] Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue ridge mountain, Shenandoah river Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze [Chorus 1: Little Big Town, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton & George Strait] Country roads, take me home […]

[Verse 1: Justin Bieber] I used to believe We were burnin’ on the edge of somethin’ beautiful Somethin’ beautiful Selling a dream Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin’ on a miracle On a miracle [Pre-Chorus: Justin Bieber] Say, go through the darkest of days Heaven’s a heartbreak away Never let you go, never let me […]

[Verse 1] You know just what to say, things that scare me I should just walk away, but I can’t move my feet The more that I know you, the more that I want to Something inside me’s changed I was so much younger yesterday [Chorus] I didn’t know that I was starving till I […]

[Verse 1] I can see you over there, staring at your drink Watchin’ that ice sink all alone tonight And chances are you’re sittin’ here in this bar ‘Cause he ain’t gonna treat you right Well, it’s probably not my place, but I’m gonna say it anyway ‘Cause you look like You haven’t felt the […]

(Turn it up) Somebody save your soul cause you’ve been sinning in this city I know Too many troubles, all these lovers got you losing control You’re like a drug to me, a luxury, my sugar and gold I want the good life Every good night you’re a hard one to hold Cause you don’t […]

[Verse 1] Money rains from the sky above But keep the change cause I’ve got enough A little time and some tenderness You’ll never buy my love No other thing that’s as precious to No other! There’s no other! And a heart that’s real and a heart that’s true Something that you’ve got to love […]

[Verse 1: Kenny Chesney + Together] Yeah we got drunk on La Cienega Boulevard Takin’ pictures of people we thought were stars It’s easy to give in to your heart When you’re drunk on La Cienega Boulevard When the song comin’ out of the speakers Was the band that you had on your t-shirt We […]

[Intro] Sting of the needle dropping on a vinyl Neon singer with a jukebox title full of heartbreak 33, 45, 78 When it hurts this good you gotta play it twice Another vice [Verse 1] All dressed up in a pretty black label Sweet salvation on a dining room table Waiting on me Where the […]

[Verse 1] Wasted the more I think, the more I think about you But no I can’t take it [????] [Pre-Chorus] Do your thing on me How we used to be Is it better now that I’m not around? Things are left astray Yelling out your name Are you happy now? Are you happy now? […]

Lined up, waiting for the execution Blank stares, fall from out of trees Never leave her, planning for the new solution Sick from all the indifference in the breeze Put your head down You’re tied up With a blank stare You know that you’re times up Now you’re lined up For the execution For the […]